Our Story


Z’s was established in May of 2010 out of a passion for everything ice cream.  Mr. Z’s vision was to create an ice cream store like no other.  From our cherry wood work to our stone wall fireplace this is far from just another ice cream store.  Yet a beautiful building is nothing without a superior ice cream product.


So Mr. Z’s daughter began the trial and error process months before the store opened to create the creamiest most delicious vanilla bean ice cream.  You see, every ice cream flavor has its humble beginning as vanilla.  Here at Z’s, we respect the vanilla!  We also have great respect for the cows that provide us fresh dairy that is never treated with BHG hormones and our local farmers that provide us with fruit, honey and maple syrup just to name a few of our local ingredients.


So in a society that is all about automation and cutting corners, we do things a little different here at Z’s.  Every scoop of ice cream you eat at Z’s is homemade, hand churned and hand packed and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 



So remember, make life sweet…eat great ice cream at Z’s!